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Megan Fox Not Interested For Transformers 3 , New Movies, Free New …

Megan Fox not interested for Transformers 3, Transformers 3, Megan Fox Transformers 3 , Megan Fox not in Transformers 3, Transformers 3 cast, Transformers 3 trailer, Transformers 3 director, Transformers 3 new movie, new movies, …
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Report: Transformers 3 Will Not have Megan Fox | Piggynannan

Report: Transformers 3 will not have Megan Fox Filed under: Etc., Celebrities For all the talk of heavyweight star power, in all but the most extreme cas…
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Megan Fox Pulls Out of Transformers 3 ?! Gossip & News with …

Megan Fox will not be starring in Transformers 3 . It was her decision not to return. She wishes the franchise the best. Citing unnamed sources, Variety reports the studio and the film’s director, Michael Bay, intend to cast another …
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Megan Fox Quits on Transformers 3 ? | Uk News

The third installment of the action flick franchisee Transformers will be a little mellow on the glam quotient. Why? The reason for that would be the fact that Hollywood’s favorite glam doll Megan Fox bid adieu to the hit series.
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Megan Fox Kicked Out From Transformers 3 : Mahalto

Megan Fox Kicked out from Transformers 3 :According to reports regarding the third part in the trilogy of Transformers franchise, it seems Megan Fox has been dropped off or kicked out in the list of cast. Well that’s a good news! …
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Megan Fox is Out of Transformers 3 Geek 3000

Megan Fox is OUT of TRANSFORMERS 3 . It’s true! Megan Fox WILL NOT be in Transformers 3 . Paramount won’t be picking up her option of the third sequel, and it was Michael Bay who made the decision and pulled the trigger that killed her. …
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Megan Fox and Transformers 3 – She’s Kicked Out!

Megan Fox has been kicked out of Transformers 3 ! It started as a rumor and ended as being confirmed by many sources. On 11 October 2009, we posted a post about Megan Fox to be kicked out of Transformers 3 . Apparently, the once upon a …
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