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Southern Sadness

Today, I am shocked at the pictures coming out of Tennessee of the horrific flooding . I have many friends and followers from Tennessee and I’m not seeing a great deal of coverage of this on the news. Here is what is happening to the wonderful people of Tennessee: downtown Nashville. Downtown near the river. Grand Ole Opry. Hard Rock Cafe – Nashville. Here is a picture inside the Gaylord Opryland Hotel before the flood : Check out the inside after the flooding : …
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Telling the Story Unfinished Business

The pictures from the Grand Ole ‘ Opry will break your heart if you love the history of music (and that includes rock n’ roll, b/c I contend it had some roots in historical country music)and I’ve heard that they are attempting to save at least part … I don’t think anyone ever expected the new Opry House to flood . The famed Opryland hotel is under at least 10 feet of water and the Opry Mills Mall is a mess. LP Field (home of the Titans) and Bridgestone Arena (home of the …
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Some Notes on the Nashville Flood : the Faughn Family of Four

This weekend’s rains have completely changed many parts of the city and have left several well-known landmarks, such as the Grand Ole Opry , in several feet of water. About 20 have been confirmed dead as a result of the flooding and some …
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Nashville Flood May 2010 * * * * * My Mcm Life * * * * *

In addition, Opryland Hotel and the Grand Ole Opry Nashville landmarks and the surrounding areas have been flooded to 10 or more. . And homes. Many many homes. Most of which do not have flood insurance because this just doesn’t …

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Grand Ole Opry Flood and Other Crazy Weather: El NiO’s Fault …

Grand Ole Opry flood and other crazy weather: El Nio’s fault? May 4, 2010 by admin Leave a Comment. Two major weather phenomena that emerged last year El Nio and the North Atlantic Oscillation put a big kink in the jet stream and …
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The Wild Hunt Guest Post: Higher Ground

Nashville has a lock and dam flood control system that was built in the 1960′s and has suffered only a few major flood events since that time. Our biggest worry during these seasonal downpours is flash flooding from the many creeks that crisscross the wide basin … The Opryland Hotel has 10 feet of standing water and the Grand Ole Opry House is much the same. The Parthenon with it’s 50 foot statue of Athena is closed due to Mayor Dean’s request for citizens to stay home. …
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Recovering From the Nashville Flood | Bilingual in the Boonies

Nineteen people have died in Tennessee during the flood , whole neighborhoods are devastated and beloved Nashville landmarks like the historic downtown, the Grand Ole Opry , the gigantic Opryland Hotel, and the brand new Schermerhorn …
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Grand Ole Opry Submerged in Flood | Seven Sided Cube

The Grand Ole Opry House is part of the wide complex of Gaylord Opryland Hotel , which is on the water when the Cumberland River rose more than 12 meters above the flood stage because of the heavy rainfall at West Tennessee. …
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Twitter Journalism Grand Ole Opry Flooded By Cumberland River

Twitter users in the area also shared photos depicting the extent of the flooding : @cameronpowell. In the Opry House. @kim33510. The Grand Ole Opry House, Nashville’s country music landmark, has flooded. @TWGlorianaFans …
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Cmt Radio Live with Cody Alan Nashville Faces Flood How You …

The Infamous Grand Ole Opry has also been hit by flood waters. Here are a few pictures of the flooding : Want to help those in need in Music City? Donate now at the Nashville Red Cross website and keep updated with more donation and …
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