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Text and Subtext Get Fisa Right

And so on this Independence Day, it is worthwhile to reread the Declaration of Independence , in all its drafts, to reflect on the text that is there and the subtext that is revealed as we study the context, the other writers, …

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The Declaration of Independence From a Wild Horse & Burro Point …

How many of those among us have actually read and understood the document now known as the Declaration of Independence ? Any of us who have made it through middle school grade levels know what the text of the document is; most of us had …
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Facts About the Declaration of Independence Ralph Rogers …

The draft underwent days of debate, after which, Congress made a few changes to the writing, deleted some text and approved the declaration on July 4, 1776. On the same day, it was sent for publication. Declaration of Independence The …
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Choose Life: July 4 , 2010 Theoptimisticconservative’s Blog

Choose Life: July 4 , 2010 . As I flit from task to task preparing for relatives to arrive this week, it’s hard to focus much on the Fourth of July and the history of our country’s declaration of independence. But in this of all times, …
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